What’s Old Is New Again- Retro Styles I’m Trying This Fall

I love how fashion is so cyclical, and this season is all about the 90s. And I’m a 90s baby, so I’m all about it.

I’m most excited to break out my bold whites, plaid, and full denim looks.


The 90s were all about accessorizing. This season, I’m breaking out my bright white sunglasses and white shoes (after Labor Day- shocking right?!) I’m not ready to commit to the tiny sunglasses trend- it just doesn’t work with my face shape- but I love white sunglasses. I am beyond glad this style is coming back around. I also truly believe there are no more fashion rules, so I’m definitely embracing the white shoe trend this fall.

Check out my favorite little white booties here, and these awesome Saint Laurent dupes I found on Amazon.


The second trend I’m obsessing over is the plaid craze. I think plaid is so classic, but I surprisingly don’t have much plaid in my closet. I recently bought a pair of toned down plaid pants (perfect for work and day-to-night looks) and am adding this L’agence jumpsuit to my wishlist. Clueless vibes much?


Lastly, denim! Flares have always been a classic in my book, but I’m glad to see this denim style getting the credit it deserves this fall. I recently found a full on denim jumpsuit, and I am so excited to wear it this season. I am definitely embracing the retro look and couldn’t be more excited!

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