Trial & Error Indeed: What I Wish I’d Known About Furniture Shopping Online

Because dorm rooms definitely don’t count, I’m furnishing my room completely by myself for the first time. I believe the entire post-grad apartment situation is summed up pretty well by a text my best friend sent me the other day that read, “Yesterday I was Googling ‘How to Get a Bed.’”

As soon as I found out about my move to Atlanta, I started frantically online shopping at home decor sites and spending hours perusing Wayfair, Joss & Main, Ikea…you name it, I searched it.

It’s so tempting to want to have every single item for your room picked out and delivered to your door before even setting foot in your new home, but I’m telling you to ignore the OCD planning voice in your head and wait.

I still had a few furniture items left to buy when I moved, and my friend recommended that I check out some local consignment furniture shops. Millennial me had never even thought about going to furniture resale stores. Why wouldn’t I just automatically buy it online and have it delivered?

Turns out, for LOTS of reasons. Here are the top 3…

All of the vintage furniture stores I’ve visited in Atlanta have been so quirky and inspirational!

Buying secondhand furniture is SO much less expensive.

This goes without saying, but used or auction furniture is about a third of the price (or less!) than even the cheapest online furniture stores. Not only is it shockingly inexpensive, it’s typically much higher quality. For example, I just bought a gorgeous wooden dresser for $150 that would’ve cost at least three times that much online. Take it from me- your move will suck enough money out of your bank account. No need to add insult to injury with overpriced, factory-produced furniture.

You can test the furniture out!

You won’t have to worry about the color of your dresser in the online photo being totally off-base, or having your chair feel like a rock when it looked like it would feel like sitting on a cloud.

They’re a source of infinite inspiration.

When I went to my first antique/used furniture store last week, I noticed a display room that was covered in vintage records. I felt immediately inspired to craft a similar set up in my room. Lots of these stores have multiple stall-like rooms that are filled with the coolest knick knacks, color schemes, and Pinterest-worthy set ups. You could spend hours exploring!

Instead of wasting your time staring at a computer screen for hours, go on the hunt in your local furniture resale stores. You will thank me for this tip- guaranteed! If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check out Kudzu Antique’s and Modern, Consignment Furniture Depot, and Simple Finds for the Home.

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