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Today’s Top Ten: Katie Edition

I asked my lovely sister Katie all about her latest obsessions…& where to get them, hear them, and see them. This is just the first in a new series of Q&A’s, so stay tuned for more!


1. What is your favorite day to night outfit right now?

Black Elizabeth and James long-sleeved silk top with black jeans and a black blazer from Zara. Yes, I wear a lot of black.


2. Best place for home decor?

Vintage/used furniture stores. Still kicking myself that I bought a lot of furniture online…Buying it in person is 100% better, and each piece has a history.

3. The shoes that’ll make this season a little more bearable…

My brown BCBG leather boots (that Taylor passed down to me, not wanting them anymore) that I’ve kept since middle school.

4. Art that’s inspiring you…

Anything from the Oliver Cole gallery in Miami. And Banksy, shredding his Girl and Balloon painting. Locally, I’m loving Small Tales by the Art of Seth, which I discovered at Wild Oats & Billy Goats in Decatur, GA. I’m also SO excited that I snagged tickets to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the High Museum!

photo credit @banksy


5. What podcasts are you listening to right now?

I listen to NPR’s Morning Edition and the Wall Street Journal’s What’s News podcasts every morning (technically not reading, I know). I also read the Daily A (an Atlanta newsletter), PR Week, and Women’s Wear Daily religiously & every week is Revisionist History, by Malcolm Gladwell. 

6. Biggest fear…

The thought of the dark web keeps me up at night! So serious! Not sure if it’s my biggest fear, but it’s up there.

7. A makeup trend your loving…

The brand Morphe is having such a moment, a la James Charles. I bought all their brushes and an eyeshadow palette thanks to him.

The James Charles Palette


8. A home cooked meal you’re loving…

Roasted cauliflower (with lemon juice, salt and pepper, olive oil, and rosemary), dipped in homemade creamy avocado dressing.

photo credit: @veganricha


9.  New TV show you’re loving…

Ingobernable on Netflix!

10. Most weekends you’ll find me…

Cleaning & cooking – this weekend I baked biscuits and cornbread, and made some mean blueberry jam. #domesticbliss


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