This Lazy Girl Hair Trick is Back

When I was in middle school, it was all the ~rage~ to rock little girl hair bows, but the modern take on this age-old trend is much, much more sophisticated and versatile.

The hair bow trend is back and thankfully better than ever…thanks to fabric hair ties/ribbons/scarves!

Photo credit @majamalnar on Instagram
Photo credit annaibescu on tumblr

The best part of this “trend” is how easy and achievable it is! Just find any long piece of fabric, a silk scarf, or even a silky waist tie. Wrap it around a sleek ponytail, loose braid, or bun in a knot or a bow. If you’re not feeling a DIY hair scarf, then go ahead and purchase one online, like this simple linen tie from ASOS for $9.50.

Image via ASOS

Voila, fabulous, Instagram-famous hair that only took two minutes.

Now that’s a lazy girl hair trick I can believe in.


Original image used in header image art is from @elsahosk on Instagram

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