The Only Cleanse I Actually Like Doing- A Closet Cleanse

Like all neat freaks out there, I love cleaning. I always have to have my bed made, my dishes done, and my closet pristinely organized. But, if there’s one cleaning ritual I love more than others, it’s re-organizing and trimming down my closet. I like to be able to see everything I own, and with the amount of shopping I like to do, that requires frequent consigning and giving away pieces I no longer wear.

Here are a couple tips when deciding what to keep and what to toss:


1. The first question I ask myself when cleaning out my closet is: “When is the last time I wore this?” If it’s been over two years, there is a good chance I am tossing it.

2. “Do I own something similar that I like better or wear more often?” I mean, how many light pink blazers do I need?

3. “Does it fit?” This is a big one for me. I think it’s important to try clothes on that you are considering getting rid of or selling. You might be pleasantly surprised and find something that actually looks great on, you just had to give it a second chance. Alternatively, I’ve had a black strapless jumpsuit in my closet for a couple seasons now that I keep thinking might fit if I really get serious and drop a few pounds. I had to be realistic with myself and chose to consign it rather than continue taking up space in my closet if it just isn’t going to fit me right.


If you are really stumped, pull a Carrie from Sex and the City, and get a second opinion! My sisters are always the most brutally honest with me about what’s in my closet. If something is overly faddy or just plain old, they will be the first to tell me to let it go. Then, you can make room for new finds!

Go try these tips out and happy closet cleansing!

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