The It Girl’s New It Brand: Cotton Citizen

Cotton Citizen has completely taken over my wardrobe this past year. I wish I owned their Monaco Mini dress in every single color; it is one of my absolute staples. Since I prefer a classic look, and therefore, classic pieces that I can style differently depending on the occasion, Cotton Citizen is perfect.

Their pieces are so versatile, making them ideal for layering, for transition between seasons, and for both day and night. The brand is based in Los Angeles, CA, but they have quickly expanded into department stores and boutiques all across the U.S., landing in more than a few celebrities’ closets.

photo credit: @cottoncitizen

I have worn this dress on countless occasions. It just may even be my most worn item of clothing because it works so well for anywhere I’m going!

photo credit: @cottoncitzen

They also design clothes that are perfect for travel — cute, but unbelievably comfortable!

photo credit: @cottoncitizen

My closet primarily consists of neutral tones, but I throw in some color every once in a while, especially with these easy pieces.

photo credit: @cottoncitizen

This jean jacket is so easy to throw on with any dress, but most times I toss it on top of my black Cotton Citizen Monaco mini.

Check them out on Instagram!

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