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Taylor’s Gift Review


I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested to see what people’s favorite gifts they have given or received are. So, I looked back and compiled a complete review of some of my favorite gifts I received this past Christmas below (Big kudos to my family- My sisters and parents were so creative this year! Here are some of my favorites:)

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A Print from Katie: Prints are so easy and inexpensive, but they can really show how well you know someone. Katie has such a sense of humor with her gifting, and these prints from the Atlanta Indie Art Fair are no exception. I can’t wait to put them in my apartment!

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Sunglasses from Maddie: Maddie has me wishing for warmer weather with her gift. Maddie knows I am a little too obsessed with sunglasses, so these made for the perfect gift. If you are gifting sunglasses, be sure to go with a classic shape like these oversize ones or aviators.

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Long Blazer from Mom: Blazers are definitely one of my wardrobe staples. I absolutely love them, but I don’t love the price tag on some of the nicer ones. My mom was so sweet and gave me this Theory one for Christmas that I have had my eye on. Blazers are investment pieces, but you will get so much wear out of them.

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Cross Necklace from Mom: This necklace is definitely one of my favorite gifts this year. It is such a dainty piece that I will wear everyday!

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Camera from my Nana: Such a necessary gift!. I have been using my grandmother’s camera for the last 6 months, so when she gave me my own for Christmas, I got the hint! I am beyond excited to use it…so stay tuned for more great images coming your way!

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