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Restaurant Review: Vivo Ristorante Pizzeria

When the three of us made our way to Vivo in Raleigh, we were absolutely starving. This restaurant is a bit hidden in plain sight, right across from the iHop on Six Forks Road, and it is one of our family favorites. As soon as we walked inside, we were greeted by the sight of steaming plates of fresh pasta being carried to nearby tables.

The restaurant was practically full at 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday night, with many tables marked as reserved, including ours. A birthday party was celebrating nearby, with more than 40 people comfortably seated in the private room.

Luckily, our waitress was none other than the restaurant’s co-owner, Randi Cinelli. Not only was she inviting, attentive, and kind, she was also more than willing to discuss her restaurant’s recent successes with us.

Randi was busy waiting on tables and about to leave for New York City later with her husband, who was in the kitchen crafting the pizzas. She gushed about how happy they are about how Raleigh has embraced Vivo, reflecting on how they started the business by “rubbing two nickels together.”

“We just love this,” she added. “I come in to work, and I literally skip. Because what we do and provide really matters to people.”

Vivo’s atmosphere is classic and inviting, with daily specials and reserved signs marked in colorful chalk.

The sangria and bruschetta combo special was to die for!

The house salad was light, fresh, and flavorful.

The vodka sauce pasta and penne rustica were the winners of the night. It’s safe to say that there was absolutely no pasta left on our plates by the end of dinner.

You can’t go to Vivo and not try the crispy, thin Grandma Margherita! It’s the most popular pizza on the menu, and a special family recipe that certainly didn’t disappoint.


Be sure to check Vivo out on Instagram and Facebook, and scope out the menu for yourself!

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