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Pizza Diaries: Mission Pizza in Winston-Salem

Every August as I get ready to head back to school, I list all the restaurants that I’ve missed that I then try to squeeze into the first week of being back….and Mission Pizza is always at the top of that list. Located on Trade Street in the Arts District of Winston-Salem, Mission Pizza is the perfect place to go for pasta, pizza, and maybe just a little wine night.


Spaghetti is my all time favorite food, and theirs only makes my obsession grow. I mean, just look at it!

If you’re feeling like switching it up from the classic Margherita or spaghetti, they have a ham and egg pizza that’s absolutely to die for.

There’s also outdoor seating tucked under the street entrance with picnic tables and lights, the perfect place for a cozy evening with friends or family.

If you ever find yourself in Winston-Salem looking for a place to eat dinner, next time try out Mission Pizza, and be sure to check them out on Instagram!



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