Our Week Sailing the BVI

Our week aboard the Allende with Captain Graham and Chef Kristiann was hands-down one of our favorite family vacations of all time. Our family survived a week aboard a catamaran with limited Wifi thanks to the brilliant and talented crew- and waking up to ocean views every morning definitely didn’t hurt.

Every meal was unbelievable. Kristiann’s perfectly prepared Greek salad, fresh plates of fish tacos, and especially a warm cookie skillet dessert had our mom begging her to come home with us, or at least teach us her ways.

The picture-perfect, postcard views of the other sailboats welcomed us every morning.

The couple’s dog, Friday, was a quintessential water dog. He swam laps around and underneath the boat every day.

One of our favorite parts of the trip was anchoring in a bay, swimming to shore, and relaxing by a beach bar for the afternoon. Even though we stopped at Soggy Dollar Bar way before lunch, we thought it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? It didn’t hurt that the bar is apparently home of the original painkiller.

When Graham informed us that a Corona commercial had been filmed on this island, we quickly agreed to anchor nearby.

 Baby there’s a shark in the water! I gladly avoided this underwater excursion in exchange for some precious sun time, but my family encountered several nurse and lemon sharks on their snorkeling adventures.

In Virgin Gorda, there’s a famous area called The Baths, where rock formations create a natural maze for beachgoers to navigate while stopping to capture a unique photo.

The swim back into the boat was just as beautiful!

For my 21st birthday dinner, (it wasn’t a terrible way to celebrate!), we went ashore to CocoMaya in Spanish Town. After several rounds of insanely delicious tapas, the experience was complete with a little beachside karaoke.  

Sailing around these beautiful islands was the experience of a lifetime. When the only packing necessity is a bikini, I’m there.

Just watch out for the baby sharks!

After several days spent soaking up the sun and reading books with rum punch in hand, we ended the trip in St. Thomas, where we first boarded, before begrudgingly flying back home.

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