My Best Closet Organization Tip

I don’t know about you, but spring cleaning usually turns into summer cleaning for me. My entire room was in need of a facelift, but my closet was definitely the most desperate.

There is something so refreshing about purging your closet and giving away the clothes you haven’t worn in years, refolding every one of your tees, and aligning every item by color and season. My mild OCD is showing, but it’s the truth.

Years ago, I read an article full of tips from a celebrity closet organizer (yes, that is a job. Fun fact: Kim Kardashian used to organize celeb closets. Oh how the tables have turned.) One tip struck a chord with me, and my closet has thankfully never looked the same.


The #1 tip is…Use matching hangers for all of your clothes!
Take a cue from one of the most iconic closets in the history of film. Cher Horowitz’s rotating closet was equipped with an outfit-creating app, and she used consistent, matching hangers. Original image credit Paramount Pictures


At the very least, use hangers that look as similar as possible. Your closet will go from looking like a haphazard, non-symmetrical mess to looking like your own personal boutique. It will be so much easier to locate your favorite items, and the sight of your clothes will actually be soothing.

My personal favorite type of hanger is made with black felt material. Because the hangers themselves are so slim, they allow you to fit more clothes in a smaller space. The felt material also keeps even your most slippery, silky materials from falling off the hangers and into the dark depths of your closet floor.

Go ahead and give this age-old tip a try, even in one section of your closet, and marvel at the improvement for yourself.

It truly is the closet facelift.

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