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I Tried Brooklyn Decker’s Wardrobe App

Like any other avid Instagram user, I am the victim of so many eerily accurate ads. I hate to admit it, but I’m definitely a prime target. Case in point, I’m now a big fan of Brooklyn Decker’s wardrobe organization app, Finery.

Last month, my feed kept repeatedly featuring sponsored posts about Finery, all claiming it would “forever change the way [I] get dressed in the morning.” Post closet facelift and pre-job start date, I found myself with extra time on my hands, and figured I would give it a shot. If this app could make me feel like Cher Horowitz, I would be 100% sold.

Once I signed up for Finery, I connected my Gmail account, and the freaky closet magic started immediately.

The app’s algorithm begins by sorting through your shopping confirmation emails and somehow categorizing all of the items you’ve bought in the past. I went through and approved all of the items that I still had, and they were automatically added to my digital closet.

Next came the tough part. I had to manually add all of the other items that I owned, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. Thankfully I had plenty of time, but it was super time-consuming.

Finery has a Chrome extension that allows you to search for any wardrobe piece, and “pin” the item to your wardrobe or your wishlist. Unfortunately, many of my closet items are so old that they tragically don’t exist on the interwebs anymore…yikes. Poshmark is definitely the next closet app I’ll be diving into headfirst, if you catch my drift. Finery had my back, because it also allows for users to upload their own images (or directly take pictures of the item with your iPhone).

Three days of exclusively closet-digitizing later, my work was finally done. My entire family questioned my sanity, but I felt quite accomplished.

Now, the app could start working its buzzed-about magic. I started noticing styling and clothing recommendations as well as inspiration photos on the discover page. My wardrobe was categorized perfectly, and I could start compiling a wishlist of items I found online.

One of the coolest benefits of the app (other than feeling like Cher Horowitz) is how it automatically adds items to your closet that you purchase and receive email confirmations about. Not only does it magically categorize them, it also knows the return policies for the store. It tells you how many more days you have to return whatever you bought…Seriously magic.

I recently bought two workwear dresses from MM LaFleur, and they were automatically added to my closet and the return countdown began. Seriously, I can’t get over this seemingly small feature.

Now that my closet is completely digital, I can put together looks and save them under categories like work, everyday, and beach trip. And thanks to the super convenient Chrome extension, I don’t have to keep a million tabs open with items on my wishlist.

Here are my final takeaways:

  • Finery is great for people with packed closets (like me) who can’t see every piece of clothing super easily

  • The app works especially well for planning for travel outfits

  • My favorite features are the return countdown, the automatic addition of new purchases to your wardrobe, and the wishlist feature

So, is it worth it? My answer is yes, but only if you have a solid block of time to commit to digitizing your entire closet. Once the initial grunt work is done, Finery is incredibly useful and just might actually change the way you get dressed in the morning.

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