I Think I Have A Crush On This Photo Company

Let me change your life by introducing you to a little company called Parabo Press.

My friend introduced me to them during college when she noticed their online promotion for 25 free square prints (yep, they’re still running the same promotion!), and she thought they would be the perfect dorm room decor. She was right, and she unknowingly jump-started my love for the cult printing brand.

photo credit @parabopress on Instagram

About two and a half years ago, Parabo Press began under the company Photojojo, which doubled as a photo gadget shop and blog that shared photography tips.

Meg Golz, who works with the Parabo Press marketing team, said that it soon became obvious that Photojojo’s customers needed innovative ways to print the photos they were taking. Cue Parabo Press- a decor-minded, minimalistic, and bespoke printing service.

The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and prints half of the photo products in the U.S., and the other half in India. They are moving the rest of their printing operations stateside within the next year to cut down on production times and improve efficiency for their customers.

“My favorite product is definitely our newsprint,” Meg told me. “My personal style is more eclectic, so I’m drawn to them because they’re more of a statement piece. People always ask me where I got mine. I love how everything from the newsprints to the matte classic prints is very clean and simple.”

photo credit

Meg and I agreed that one of our favorite things about Parabo is the sense of community that the company has cultivated through their social channels. Check out the hashtag #paraboprints for examples of how passionate customers are about their purchases.

“I love the idea of talking through our customers instead of to our customers,” she said. “We use their photos on our Instagram. We want to share their brilliant and beautiful ideas with the rest of our audience, because it’s more inspiring to see someone else achieving their house goals. Everyone thinks, that’s a regular person, I can do that too!”

photo credit Parabo Press on Pinterest

The Parabo marketing team is just as engaging as the products themselves, according to Meg.

“We have an awesome team dynamic, because we love creating new things for our customers,” she added. “We’re always asking ourselves what would make it easier for them to decorate their home in a creative way.”

I’m currently decorating my bedroom in my apartment, and I ordered multiple newsprints to adorn my main wall. I absolutely can’t wait to share the finished product- stay tuned for before and after photos that are sure to send you straight to Parabo’s site.

While you’re there, remember to read about Parabo’s latest venture: the Parabo box. It’s like the Birchbox of photo gifts, angling more towards the home decor side.

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