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Disposable Cameras Are Never Not Cool

Cara Delevingne finally got her disposable camera developed from the Met Gala, and pop culture addicts around the world are thanking her. (Side note- Am I the only one wondering why it took so long? Those photos are pure gold, and exclusives, seeing as how there’s limited access for taking photos at the event. I’d be dropping them off at a dark room the next morning.)

Suddenly, the age-old camera that’s known for being the favorite of great uncles who are behind the times is stepping back out into the limelight.

Original photo credit @caradelevingne on Instagram

For those of you that know me, you know that my disposable camera obsession is real.

Nine times out of ten, I have a disposable camera on my person. I love taking one with me when I go out and then reliving the memories when I get them developed weeks or months later. (Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t be blaming Cara for her tardiness, because I’m equally as guilty…but my photos aren’t of Cardi B and Jeremy Scott.) I actually have four photobooks of disposable photos from each of my four years at college, and they are infinitely entertaining.

My love for disposable cameras stems from wanting to preserve memories through film, which in my humble opinion, is always more genuine than digital. No photo editing, no endless retakes, and no playback may be frustrating for some, but it’s liberating and entertaining for me.

I use The Darkroom to develop my cameras. It’s about $11 per camera, which is pretty pricey, but all you have to do is print out your receipt/shipping label and send your cameras on their way. About a week later, they scan your prints and send you physical copies as well.

In a way, disposable cameras are the best form of delayed gratification. Finally checking out my long-awaited photos is just plain amusing. Try it once, and you might be addicted just like me.


Here are a few of my favorite beachy disposable pics…

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