Blowouts- Worth The Cost?

As someone who visits the blowdry bar located right next to my apartment building once a week, I am often called psycho by friends and family. In one sense, they are right on the money; the price of a blowout is not cheap. At around $40 per trip, I do spend quite a bit on this luxury.

So, I’m asking myself, are my blowouts worth the hefty price tag?

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Here are my thoughts.

These are the three questions I asked when contemplating my obsession.

1- Where does it fit into my budget?

First of all, it is a budget question. What else am I spending my money on, and can I afford to get a blowout every now and then? Blowouts are high on my beauty priority list, and I would rather have my hair done than my nails or tan, so by prioritizing my beauty treatments, I have settled on hair styling. I can’t always have my hair done, nails done, massages, etc, so I choose blowouts as my number one beauty splurge.

2- Can I do it myself?

Second, can I do it myself? Some people have the hair styling gift, but I have always struggled to get my hair exactly how I like it on my own. I also end up spending way too much time trying to conquer my crazy thick hair by myself, and I feel like I keep my hair healthier by getting a blowout and therefore washing and styling it much less often.

3- How does it make me feel?

Lastly- how does it make me feel? Blowouts give me so much more confidence, and leave me feeling great. In conclusion, if your blowout lasts more than a day or two, and they make you feel as good as they make me feel, absolutely go for it!

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